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Scientists on Kanah invent the Energy Extractor. After it destroys their sister planet, Vallour, because the device is too large, they send it as far away from them as possible. The planet that they found to hide the devastating machine is Earth. In xxxx a young woman, Venetta, is taken to Kanah and finds a civilization of people that have been watching Earth for a long time. She also learns the Extractor has been hidden on Earth and is a possible threat to the planet. She is sent back to Earth to warn her people after an uprising by an evil mountain ruler who is set on taking over the kingdom, but is mortally wounded as she leaves. Since she knows that she is dying and can't warn her people, she writes the message on the cave wall. 500 years later, Mallory comes across the strange writing on a wall in a cave. She shows it to Ben, the policeman who helped her when a robbery was committed at her house. They discover that Ben and his father are direct descendants of Venetta's tribe and have a legend that involves her. Mallory and Ben fight to stop the evil mountain ruler who is now king from setting the Extractor in motion and destroying Earth. Will they be able to find someone to help them save this world in time?Come to to buy your copy and download Poems to the Lord Notebook for FREEEE!