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Lisa has a new position as the administrative aide to the CEO of Barton Industries. Her boss, Cliff is a handsome man, but, Lisa senses that there is something hidden in his character that makes her wary. He is all that is kind and understanding, but, Lisa feels that there is more to it than he is portraying. With this confusion around her, she meets Rafe Devlin a man about whom she has been dreaming. Rafe Devlin is from the planet Bazor located across the galaxy from Earth. He is part of an elite organization that protects and explores for the planet. Word has come that the Water Gatherer for his city of Alvarin is failing, but, then learns that it was hidden off-world on a planet called Earth. Rafe searches for the woman that knows where the nodule is and finds her in the employ of an Earther that has an over protective demeanor towards Lisa. He must have that nodule; but, he has no idea how to get the information he seeks. Attracted to her in more than what his mission allows, he must win her confidence. Does Lisa dare put her trust in this man about whom she knows nothing except that she has dreamed about him? Will Lisa believe him when he explains what he is after? Does he admit his feelings for her to himself in this dangerous espionage game?You can find the book at my website at Http://